A week long intensive course that blends practical survival skills with energy based awareness and shamanic / spiritual practice
Developed to bring you into a deeper connection with the Earth, and to the extra-ordinary but often under explored potentials we carry as human and spiritual beings, this course is built from many periods spent alone in the wilderness, putting into practice teachings received through the Tom Brown Tracker School; from Apache Shaman and Scout, Stalking Wolf; an Inuit Shaman, Grey Wolf; and from the Maori.

Along with the physical aspects of living with the Earth, we will be accessing the deeply altered states required to bring us into harmony with the world around us, tapping into what Native Americans call the 'Spirit that Moves through all Things'.
An initiation into The Ways of the Wild
'The physical is the doorway to Awareness, Awareness is the doorway to Spirit...' Lipan Apache Shaman and Scout...Stalking Wolf
As we let go of any sense of struggle or separation, our whole relationship to life can shift.
Apache Scout skills drive this home on a deeper level. The practices and processes we will go through during the week of this course will help open us to ways of using our awareness and our senses that would seem extra-ordinary to most modern humans, allowing us to experience ourselves as part of, instead of apart from, the much greater whole that is the living and natural world.
It is these abilities that gave the Apache Scouts their almost magical capacity to slip through the wilderness, blending so well they were invisible to the white man's awareness.
This week is a journey of initiation. It is intense, liberating, and loads of fun.
You, and your world, will never be the same again.
The techniques of perception, awareness and movement derived from the training of the Apache Scouts form the body of this course.
The foundation of this is a process called Simultaneous Awareness, which will be a continuing thread throughout the week.
Simultaneous Awareness is a subtle shift in the way we use the consciousness that lies behind our physical senses, using our perception and presence to engender a profoundly different way of being in and experiencing the world.
Open to the underlying energy of the world, we experience the unified field of consciousness behind all form.
Course Contents
Physical Skills
Apache Scout Skills
Lipan Apache Scouts called themselves "Children of the Shadows"
Shamanic/ Spiritual Practice